Vietnam has witnessed the rapid introduction and development of Blockchain technology in recent years. As the number of enterprises, researchers, and engineers pursuing the technology increases, the need for connection, collaboration, sharing, and support also increases. Therefore, an official organization with a complete legal entity to adapt to the Vietnamese Blockchain community’s expansion speed and strong development goals is extremely crucial.

Established in May 2022, Vietnam Blockchain Association is the gathering place for those interested in researching, testing, evaluating, standardizing and encouraging the application of blockchain technology in the country. At the same time, it is the first official organization with a legal entity to represent those who are interested in the blockchain industry in Vietnam.


Environment for Development

Create an environment for the development of high-quality Blockchain technology human resources in Vietnam.

Raising Awareness

Partner with State agencies and social organizations to raise the public's awareness and consult on building legal corridors, standards and regulations in applying and developing products and services on the blockchain.

Protecting the Rights

Represent and protect the legal rights and benefits of the members, and set the standard for researching, applying and conducting business in the blockchain industry.


Environment for Education

Create a fair and healthy environment to train and develop human resources with morality and a high level of expertise, and connect members to resources and markets.

A strong bridge

To form a strong and long - term connection between Vietnam's blockchain talents and global organizations and communities that suit the values and missions of the Association, contribute to building and developing a partnerships with countries.


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Vietnam Blockchain Association

The first Blockchain organization with an official legal entity in Vietnam

Create an environment for the development of high-quality Blockchain technology human resources in Vietnam.

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