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Open Letter

In recent years, Blockchain technology has become a popular concept in Vietnam, and it is rapidly expanding. The Vietnamese blockchain community is relatively active in developing a wide range of goods and services. However, there is still no close connection between Blockchain individuals in Vietnam; most efforts are haphazard and lack unity and direction. These are also obstacles to the development of Vietnam’s Blockchain industry and its expansion into the international market.

Vietnam Blockchain Association was established to gather individuals and enterprises in Vietnam to research and develop blockchain technology. The Association is the only organization in Vietnam with an official legal entity, the bridge between the Blockchain community in Vietnam and State agencies to build a legal framework for the industry, aligning with the nation’s mission to build a digital economy. Vietnam Blockchain Association creates a favorable environment to develop human resources with high expertise to compete in the international market and represent the Vietnam blockchain community in global organizations.

Therefore, expanding the connection scope of the Association, diversifying the fields of technology application as well as supporting cooperation for individuals and units operating in the Blockchain field in Vietnam are top priorities of the Association. On that basis, the Vietnam Blockchain Technology Association is looking forward to the enthusiastic participation and constructive contributions of individuals and businesses researching and developing blockchain technology in Vietnam to build the Association to grow stronger in both quality and quantity.

We always welcome your participation and contribution

Best Regards.